Internet One actively collaborates with institutions and companies for the development of advanced technological projects.

Backed by years of experience in the fields of robotics, automation, networking, and technology in general and by a highly capable team, Internet One is frequently at the center of highly advanced projects that support the technological development of Italian SMEs.

H.E.R.O. Hybrid Engine for Airplanes

Preliminary research study focused on the development of a hybrid system dedicated to the transport of people and goods, and managed by software capable of optimizing energy distribution.

The results of this research identify interesting prospects related to cutting fuel consumption and reducing CO2 emissions.

In addition, the preliminary study identifies the reduction of noise emitted near population centers.

Recognition of High Speed ​​Vehicles​

The study, supported by concrete data collected under various conditions, shows opportunities for recognizing and tracking vehicles moving at high speeds under varying light conditions.

The use of AI, combined with visual analytics, to recognize and track vehicles moving at high speeds​.

The results of this research also identify the reduction of noise emitted near inhabited centres.

Immersion Cooling

Immersion cooling is a technique used for cooling computers in which the electronic components are completely immersed in a thermally conductive but electrically insulating liquid coolant.​

This practice is very effective because liquid refrigerants can absorb more heat from the system and can circulate more easily through the system than air.​

Immersion cooling test and ''Easy Access'' technology to facilitate maintenance

Energy optimization with heat recovery for use within the company