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Ditch the deskphone: use browser & mobile

Handle calls, check colleagues’ status, answer messages and video call, all from your browser. With our service you can do all of this and more. Simple for workers to use in or out of office and easy to manage, greatly reducing admin headaches. Integrate with your CRM and know who’s calling before picking up.

Effortlessly launch calls to numbers that are displayed on web pages and CRM systems directly from the window you are working in, such as MS 365, Salesforce and more!


Web apps replace desk phones

  • Eliminate costly desk phones from every workstation.

  • Login with your Google or Microsoft account.

  • Get the Windows & macOS Desktop Apps for a more native experience.

  • PWA offers an app-like experience without the download.

  • Don’t want to buy a $200 desktop headset? Use your mobile instead


Never miss a call or chat

  • Receive incoming calls or chat notifications even with the web app closed.

  • Make & receive calls without ever leaving the page you’re working in.

  • Avoid calling your colleague who is on the phone – see their status.

  • Voicemail made easy, simply click to play.

  • Queues and wallboards give managers total control and instant stats.


Know who’s calling or chatting

  • Works flawlessly with CRMs to match incoming caller IDs.

  • Automatically creates new customer records for new numbers.

  • Logs calls to the customer record so you can see call history.

  • Impress customers and save your staff tedious searching time.


Click2Call from CRMs and websites

  • Launch calls in a single click right from your CRM or web page.

  • Identifies numbers on the web / CRM formatted with tel: or callto:.

  • No need to switch between apps or leave preferred workspace.

  • Simply click the contact – no manual dial or copy / paste.

  • Save time – automate the tedious task of initiating multiple calls.


Work remotely: IOS/Android mobile Apps

Keep your team connected and productive even when WFH! Our service is built for mobility with iOS and Android apps that keep your team connected without tying them to the office building. Make and receive calls using your office number, chat with co-workers or start a video call on the fly.

Ensure your customers are never left hanging. Respond to their calls, WhatsApp & Facebook messages, SMS or live chats from anywhere, from the Web Client or your smartphone.


Call, message, video, meet... Anywhere

  • Easily transfer calls, chat with colleagues or video call.

  • Adapt your status when off-work and see your team’s availability.

  • Call hands-free with Siri and Bluetooth integration.

  • Reconnection for seamless switching between networks.


Cut your telephone bills in half

  • No per user per month pricing. One low yearly system cost.

  • Interoffice calls are free even outside of the office.

  • Eliminate costly mobile calls between employees.

  • Bring your own SIP Trunk and choose the best rates.


Not just calls: Live chat, WhatsApp & SMS

  • Live chat with website visitors even when on the go.

  • Connect your WhatsApp & Facebook to answer messages (from 3CX).

  • Send & receive business SMS messages from the same place.

  • Transfer chats to assigned groups or team members.


Give our iOS / Android apps a go

  • Download the app from the Google Play or App Store.

  • Find the QR code in your web client or welcome email.

  • Open the app, scan the QR and you’re all set!

  • Use the app in combination with a deskphone when needed.


WhatsApp & Facebook Messages

Add WhatsApp & Facebook to your contact center solution. Offering your customers multiple contact methods can be a headache to keep on top of. Not so with our solution! Take the pain away with one central system for Calls, Live Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook and SMS.

With our service, you can deliver business messages immediately to the Web Client, Desktop App, and smartphone apps. Teams of agents can answer, transfer and resolve customer queries all from one platform.


Answer WA & FB business messages

  • Give your clients more ways to get in touch.

  • New leads can be responded to directly from our clients.

  • Transfer a chat to a colleague or group when needed.

  • Improve resolution time when working together as a team.


Live chat, messaging & calls all under one roof

  • Calls, video, live chat, Facebook, SMS and WhatsApp.

  • Help clients across multiple channels from your single interface.

  • Save your agents time by removing the need to switch between apps.

  • Keep a central record of all your chat conversations.


Know who’s chatting

  • CRM integration will identify customers as messages come in.

  • Answer your customers with a personalized greeting. Make them feel valued.

  • Give the best customer service with all your customer’s history in one place.

  • Enable CRM logging to automatically create new leads cutting data entry time.


Automatic message assignment

  • Send your messages to a queue of agents to share the load.

  • Allow chats to be assigned to the first agent that responds.

  • Track your response times with SLA timers.

  • Run reports to track SLAs, reply times, and agent performance.


Free live chat solution: chat or call

As many as 50% of live chats end up being forwarded to the call center… with the customer having to explain everything again! In these cases live chat systems are yet another obstacle prolonging resolution times. Not so with our Live Chat! The customer or chat agent can instantly elevate the chat to a call to explain better. Customer’s query with history can be shared with other team members for their feedback to resolve issues faster.

And it’s not just live chat or voice – handle your WhatsApp, Facebook and SMS messages from the same interface. Get live chat for your business without paying $20 per user per month!


Drop the $20 per user per month... Keep the customer

  • Free forever. No per user per month pricing. No catch!

  • Assign more agents to group chats without increasing monthly fees.

  • Fully customizable live chat solution with added voice, video, and more.

  • Give visitors real-time advice as they browse your products / services.


When live chat is not enough… Superchat!

  • Switch from chat to call at any point to resolve issues faster via voice.

  • Visitors can choose between a chat or voice from the get go.

  • Calls go via the browser so it’s free for the customer and you.

  • No dialing of numbers. Invite web visitors to talk via ‘3CX Talk’ link.


Work together as a team… anywhere

  • Discuss customer issues with team over chat or calls.

  • Set up video conferences for whole team or company wide meetings.

  • Assign chats to groups. Includes queue-based group handling of chats.

  • Keep in touch on the go with 3CX iOS & Android applications.


Fully customizable & Free

  • Free forever with 3CX StartUP. No per user per month pricing.

  • Edit text, colors & predefined responses to suit your business needs.

  • Personalize chat greetings according to business working hours.

  • Live chat available for: WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Wix,

    Squarespace & Weebly.

Omnichannel: One system for messaging & calls

  • Connect your WhatsApp & Facebook to view & respond to messages from 3CX.

  • Use same interface to send & answer SMS messages, with your biz number.

  • Convert those new visitors into new leads in your CRM.

  • Answer calls, identify existing customers and bring up their contact records.

  • Use various chat and call reports to evaluate agents’ performance.

Free Assessment

Our knowledgeable customer support staff is available to promptly provide any necessary information and assess which solution will be most beneficial for your needs. Please feel free to message or start a conversation with us; we'll get back to you quickly with the information you seek.



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